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Top 5 Baby Breathing Monitors

If you are the parent of an infant, you have probably heard about SIDS, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, which we have seen the number of occurrence going down drastically over the last decade. They occur in infants, usually between 0 to 4 months, but also up to 1 year of age. The incidence of SIDS in the U.S. is now very low, being about 5 in 10 000 births. Although the incidence is extremely low, many parents are still worried by the possibility of SIDS with their young babies. Often, the most worried parents will see their level of stress rise to the point where they will be unable to sleep, checking on their young one every hour. This habit is not only unhealthy for the parent, but also for the infant, as the parent may accidentally wake up their little one by peeking in their room. If you are a worried parent and recognize yourself  in this description, consider using a baby breathing monitor, which are sensors that will record any micro-movement coming from the baby, including movement created by the baby’s breathing. We present here the 5 best baby breathing monitors available for parents.

1) Angelcare Baby Movement and Sound Monitor Deluxe Plus

2) HiSense BabySense V Baby Safe Infant Movement Monitor

3) Respisense Buzz with Proactive TummyTickleTM Tactile Stimulation

4) Angelcare Video, Movement and Sound Monitor, Gray/white

5) Snuza Halo Baby Movement Monitor – Basic

There are two types of monitoring technology present here, and we’ll go into some details on the advantages and disadvantages of each. While they are both very good, some parents may have a personal preference for one versus another one.

One type of technology uses the “sensor pad”, which is set up under the crib mattress, on a hard surface. The sensor pad records any movement activity coming from the baby, through the mattress. If the sensor pad does not record any movements for several seconds, it will emit a loud alarm, that will alert the parents or any nearby caregivers. One of the favorite baby breathing monitors using the sensor pad technology is the Graco AngelCare (#1 and #4), which also include an audio monitor so you can also listen to your baby at all time! The nursery unit of the deluxe model (#1) has a soft nightlight and room thermometer which can alert you if the temperature falls out of your preset range. The deluxe model also include an optional voice activation. While the basic model has only 2 channels, the deluxe model has 8 channels to choose from, to avoid any static interference! The HiSense BabySense V (#2) is another great model to choose. This device uses two sensor pads, therefore covering a larger area of the crib or basinet.

The other type of technology uses a device that is directly clipped onto the waistband of the baby’s diaper. Unlike the sensor pad technology, the clip-on device comes in direct contact with the baby’s tummy and record movements coming from the child directly. This device often comes with a “buzzer”. This buzzer will act as a “wake-up call”, and will vibrate if it the child stops breathing or if it’s determined to be too shallow. If the device does not pick up any movement even after the buzz, it will then alarm the parents of an emergency. The Respisense Buzz (#3) and the Snuza Halo (#5) are two favorite models using the buzzing and clip-on technology.

Many factors may influence your choice in model, such as the price, the features, the reviews you read online, but also the reviews of friends and coworkers. Compare the settings of your house. If you friend has had a lot of false alarms with his or her device, do some research. Maybe you will realize that some type some devices are more prone to false alarms with specific types of furniture.

I like to sleep... baby

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HiSense BabySense V Baby Safe Infant Movement Monitor

HiSense BabySense V Baby Safe Infant Movement Monitor HiSense BabySense V Baby Safe Infant Movement Monitor

SIDS, or sudden infant death syndrome is very rare syndrome where babies up to one year of age are believed to “forget” to breathe (~5/10,000). The number of SIDS has dropped drastically since the last two decades (over 50%), thanks to research showing the importance of putting to sleep on their back and not their tummy. Unfortunately, SIDS is still linked to 2,500 infant deaths every year in the U.S. only, and thousands more in the rest of the world.

Even if the incidence of SIDS is extremely low, some parents are overworried about this syndrome. Over worried parents will be restless, checking hourly on their baby, over concerned about overheating or about the swaddle coming to close to baby’s mouth. If you have trouble sleeping at night, thinking about your newborn baby and SIDS, a baby breathing monitor is what you may need to have some peace of mind and a few hours of rest.

This is why many worried parents use the HiSense BabySense V Baby Safe Infant Movement Monitor. This baby breathing monitor is the number one choice of many parents.

This baby breathing monitor features 2 large sensor pads, therefore increasing their sensitivity. It also has a green LED that flashes to indicate that a motion was detected (such as breathing). The monitor is very sensitive, showing a response to the slightest touch to the sensor pad. When taking baby off the bassinet, don’t forget to turn off the alarm, as it will be loud enough to upset your little one. Luckily, the baby breathing monitor will emit some sharp clicks to warn you before the alarm sets off, giving you a few seconds to turn off the device.

The HiSense BabySense V is simple to set up and use. Although some parents have reported some false alarms, most parents are very happy with the use of their device, having not experience false alarms. Many parents have even reviewed the HiSsense BabySense infant movement monitor as superior to the Angelcare due to a lower frequency of false alarms.

Because the frequency of SIDS is so minimal, many parents and researchers view the use of a baby breathing monitor unnecessary. Remember that the use of baby breathing monitor can give you the extra comfort you need to sleep at night and its use can simply be a big relief in your life. It is important to remember that it will never replace parental supervision and regular check-ups on your little one.  A baby movement monitor is definitely not a device for everyone, but if your level of stress regarding SIDS is out of control, don’t hesitate to purchase this great device for some peace of mind!

It is important that, on top of using a baby breathing monitor, you also closely follow recommendations from your family doctor or qualified professionals.

What it features :

  • Green light flashes to indicate the detection of breathing and other movements
  • Red alert alarm light when there are no movements or the breathing becomes too shallow
  • Low battery indicator light
  • Suitable for infants up to age one
  • Does not come in direct contact with your baby
  • Easy One-button Activation
  • Activation button safely cover
  • ABS plastic exterior
  • Powered by 4 AA standard 1.5 V Batteries (not included)
  • 2 sensor panels that will activate the alarm if it does not sense any movements for 20 seconds or less then 10 micro-movements per minute.
  • Dimensions of the sensors panels : 268 mm x 438 mm / Control Unit 113 mm x 157 mm x 35 m

IMPORTANT : Baby breathing monitors including the HiSense BabySense V Baby Safe Infant Movement Monitor are NOT medical devices. They can help you monitor your baby, alert your, but is unable to prevent any type of distress, therefore it is your responsibility to take the actions needed. The purpose of the device is to signal you if there a stop of a slowing of movements, and can not monitor other occurrences.

For more information, visit Baby Breathing Monitor.

The Happiest Baby on the Block – The New Way to Calm Crying and Help Your Baby Sleep Longer (DVD) (2003)

Being a new parent is not easy. The only way for a baby to tell you that something is going wrong is by crying… And if you have difficulties figuring out by yourself what is going on, after several weeks, you may be looking straight out of a zombies movie!

Relentless screams and cries, unable to fall asleep, these are the situations parents have to deal with when baby is not happy. There are ways to sooth a baby, and you may just be unaware of them. Although your mom or your mother-in-law may have the magic touch to sooth your little one, they may have difficulties transmitting you the exact concept, the why and the when. To them, it may come just naturally… But the worst thing for you to do is to do nothing, and live with it, knowing that there is help somewhere!

As a matter of fact, if you research the web a little bit, ours shelves are full of books and DVDs about parenting, being a new parent and taking care of a newborn baby. Obviously, some products are much better than other, and finding a book or DVD that actually works sometimes feels like looking for a needle in a stack of hay.

Well, we have good news for you, we present you “The Happiest Baby on the Block – The New Way to Calm Crying and Help Your Baby Sleep Longer on DVD”. This 128 minutes long DVD is one of the best DVD in its kind out there. As a matter of fact, on, the DVD received an average of 4.7/5, with 84% of the parents who reviewed it giving it a 5 stars, and less than 3% of all parents giving it less than a 3 stars! If you prefer books, a 288 pages book version is available to you, and received just as much good ratings and praises as the DVD.

You will understand why the DVD is so popular as soon as you will start watching the it. The DVD comes with many examples, and detailed information about how to apply a soothing technique. After just a few minutes of swaddling and shhinngg, you will find your crying and screaming baby to fall asleep in not time. And within only a few days, you will be effectively using the new techniques and calm your baby in matters of seconds. And what a bonus when your little one will fall asleep and not look agitated for once!

The DVD and book versions of  “The Happiest Baby on the Block – The New Way to Calm Crying and Help Your Baby Sleep Longer” are mostly geared toward younger babies (most parents mentioned that it worked for their babies up to 3 months), as older babies have often outgrown swaddling.

The DVD is suitable for any parent with a newborn, whether they are a first time parent or not. They will give you tips and the best techniques to sooth your baby.

While the book is interesting addition to the DVD, the DVD is a must have as you will get a clearer picture of what Dr. Karp is talking about and how he actually calms babies (it can be difficult to follow a description in the book!). With this DVD, you will find your baby more happy and have your household stress level from the lack of sleep and the screams drop in no time.

The Happiest Baby on the Block - The New Way to Calm Crying and Help Your Baby Sleep Longer (DVD)Summary of the Video

Is it magic, it is a miracle, no it’s a reflex! With Dr. Karp’s discoveries, parents will find how to soothe their little ones in minutes…or seconds!…AND boost baby’s sleep by 1 to 3 hours per night.

Most parents (a lot of dads, but moms as well!) say how easier it is to learn Dr. Karp’s approach by watching than by reading. The Happiest Baby DVD is probably one of the most watched parenting video for newborn babies. With the video, you will be able to follow Dr. Karp and discover the best parenting tip : the “calming reflex”, which is, according to Dr. Karp, an automatic “off-switch” for crying and “on-switch” for sleep all babies are born with.

You will learn how you can easily transport any baby from screams to sounding sleeps in matters of minutes, or even less. This is no wonder why millions of parents, including working moms and hollywood stars such as Madonna and Michelle Pfeiffer trust Dr. Karp and his secrets for making babies happy. For additional tips and information, read The Happiest Baby book.

For more information, visit Baby Breathing Monitor.

Graco Angelcare Movement Sensor with Nursery Monitor

Graco Angelcare Movement Sensor with Nursery MonitorAngelcare Movement and Sound Monitor, Aqua/White

If you are shopping for a baby heartbeat monitor and a baby safety monitor, why not consider the Graco Angelcare baby monitor, which goes beyond the basics by combining a movement sensor with an audio monitor. Because you can’t be with your little one at all time, an audio monitor will allow you to listen from what is happening in baby’s room. If your little one is having nightmares or is unable to sleep,you will be alerted by the audio monitor, whether you are sleeping in your own bedroom or are busy doing some housechores. On addition to an audio monitor, some parents like to have a device monitoring the movements or breathing of their baby as well, for respiratory emergencies or in the case the baby would roll off the center of the crib on their tummy, which is known to increase the change of SIDS.

The Graco Angelcare baby breathing monitor consists of a sensor pad that will detect any micro-movement coming from the baby, such as the movement created by baby’s breathing.

Here are in a few words why parents love the Angelcare baby breathing monitor/audio monitor by Graco so much:

First, the versatility of this monitor from a basinet, to a portable crib or a regular crib. All you need is a hard surface to set up the device on (i.e. plywood, some parents even simply use a piece of hard cardboard). The use of a hard surface will prevent false alarms and unecessary worries. The sensors are also quite portable, and can be packed if you are going away, or are having grandma babysitting her favorite grandchild!

Second, the range of the monitor is very good and clear and the sensor is very sensitive, picking the actual movements of the baby, and not the weight. Some parents even tested the device by interchanging the baby with a small dictionnary. While the weight remained the same, the sensor picked up almost instantly the lack of “breathing”. This will give you the peace of mind you need to sleep through a good night of sleep, especially if SIDS is one of your worries.

Third, the device can be set up with different modes. You can set up your monitor so it emits an audible beep on the parent’s receiver for every movement it records, or you can simply set it up so it alarms you only when the sensor did not record any movements or the movements are too shallow for 15 seconds. The audio monitor features a light display that shows you when there is an increase in noise coming from the baby’s room. This is a good feature to have when you are vacuuming or doing house chores that may cover the sound of the audio monitor. Finally, you can make extra use of the device as your can also use the audio monitor without the movement sensor. This is particularly convenient as your child is getting older and does not risk SIDS anymore (SIDS occurs only in infants less than 1 year old). Alternatively, you can also use the movement sensor and turn off the audio monitor if you are in the same room as your child.

Last but not least, if you are worried by the chance of static interference, the monitor includes two bands you can choose from, reducing the chance of interference from other wireless devices in the house.

By using a baby breathing monitor and/or a baby safety monitor, you can monitor your child without having to peek in his or her room all the time, and accidentally waking him up in the middle of a good sleep.

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Respisense BUZZ Infant Breathing Movement Baby Monitor

Respisense BUZZ Infant Breathing Movement Baby MonitorRespisense BUZZ First Friend Infant Breathing Movement Baby Monitor

Whether you are purchasing this baby device because of a previous visit at the emergency with your newborn bab, because your are worried about SIDS, or simply because you feel more comfortable knowing that there is something, out there, checking out on your baby when you are sleepy or busy, you will love the Respisense BUZZ. This infant breathing monitor is, unlike most other types of baby breathing monitors, clipped directly onto the waistband of baby’s diaper – most products consist of a sensor pad that goes underneath the mattress. While both technology are just as good, some parents prefer the idea of having a device sensing baby’s tummy directly. Also, there is one advantage of the Respisense BUZZ over the other baby breathing monitors : they are very portable. As a matter of fact, since you don’t need a hard and flat surface, the device can be used in other places than baby’s crib, i.e. in the car, in the living room, at the grandparents. You can simply leave the clip on device and will never have to move sensitive and delicate sensor panels around and set every up each time.

Product description
The Respisense BUZZ First Friend Infant Breathing Movement Baby Monitor is a registered device that is approved by the FDA. This device monitors any movements coming from the tummy of a baby, which include mininmal movements such as breathing efforts. If the movements ever cease, becomes too slow or too shallow, the sensor will send a signal to the built-in tactile stimulator (on the Buzz model) which will promptly “buzz” baby, acting as a “wake-up call”. In the case where the movement does not resume, the Respisense baby breathing monitor  will emit a loud alarm that will alert any nearby parent or caregiver. The Respisense is very easy to use: in simply clips onto the waistband of the baby’s diaper. It is a very quiet and unobtrusive device that will monitors, when turned on, baby’s tummy movements while asleep and will alert the nearest caregiver if there are more than 20 seconds of inactivity. The use of a Respisense BUZZ will give worried parents some relief regarding SIDS or or other conditions or emergency situations leading to a slowing of the breathing, a diminution of the breathing or total breathing stop. This device is very safe, perfectly portable, and so small it will not bother baby. Becuse it is so perfectly portable, this miniature monitor provides protection wherever baby may fall asleep, from his own crib to the car seat. The Respisense was clinically-tested Respisense is the pioneer in absolutely portable movement monitoring, and no other monitor can lay claim to its unique combination of freedom of movement, safety in design, proactive response and proven track record. Respisense can be used practically anywhere baby may fall asleep – in a cot, on a picnic blanket or in grandmother’s lap. Respisense can also easily be used in a hammock-style sleeper, where traditional monitors cannot work. It is simply the safest, most portable and convenient instrument for monitoring baby’s tummy movements and has, since 2005, proved itself in thousands of homes.

For more information about the Respisense Buzz, visit Baby Breathing monitor now.

I got this product because my brand new baby kept waking up gasping for breath (I later found out she had reflux)which would send me into a panic. After looking at other items that would go under her mattress I felt most comfortable with this because it was directly on her tummy and could go where she went i.e. car seat and swing. I have to say I love it and know for a fact that it works because twice it has gone off and I have woken up to find her not breathing. After giving her a little shake she took a breath and was ok. The only thing I didn’t like was the fact that to get a battery replacement (they say the battery lasts about a year)you have to send it to the manufacturer. After researching it more it makes sense because they replace the battery and replace the face cover therefor ensuring the warrenty stays valid. They also offer a rental program so that you aren’t without the pager. Overall I think it is a great product.

Saving Baby’s Life…When Every Second Counts – CPR DVD

Saving Baby's Life...When Every Second CountsSaving Baby’s Life…When Every Second Counts – CPR DVD

A great learning tool and reference for all parents

Having a baby breathing monitor is not always enough. What should you do if you baby breathing monitor goes off one day and your find out that it is not a false alarm this time? For a choking baby, a baby in cardiac or respiratory emergency, every second counts.

Knowing CPR for babies is an important, if not essential, skill for parents of an infant or anybody who works with babies (for example, babysitters). If you are wanting to learn infant CPR, you should get a copy of Geraldine Hickey’s DVD, “Saving Baby’s Life”. The DVD is an adequate way to learn infant CPR. It gives simple, understandable, concise and accurate instruction on how to save a baby’s life in case of choking, respiratory problems or cardiac emergencies. The video is only 17 minutes long, but goes right to the point and clearly describe the processes of rescue breathing, CPR and removing an object stuck in the airways of an infant.

This video is suitable for new parents, but is also a good review for anybody who has taken a infant CPR in the past. Moreover, the video covers the topics of SIDS and is a valuable tool for any parent, but also other members of the family, including older siblings, grandparents or other caregivers.

“Saving Baby’s Life” should be on any baby gifts list and will allow you to learn from the comfort of your house while giving some peace of mind. The tips learned in the DVD are simply invaluable and definitely a great gift for any parents or caregiver.

In Short
” A must have DVD for all parents and caretakers …truly life saving information.” –Dr. Mary Ann Lofrumento. Pediatrician. Author “Simply Parenting” series.

This instructional DVD will teach its viewers how to perform infant CPR, how to save a choking infant, step by step. It also reviews SIDS concepts and the latest what-to-do to reduce the chances of SIDS.  This video won the 2008 National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval.

For more information, visit Baby Heartbeat Monitor.

CPR for Infants 18″ X 24″ Laminated Poster

CPR for Infants 18

CPR for Infants
It can be very useful to have a CPR for Infants around. Even if you’ve read about CPR, or have taken classes, in case of emergency, it can be difficult to keep your head cold and do the right steps. This poster includes new guidelines for CPR for Infants. The laminated poster is colorful and easy to follow. It shows in six steps how to administer CPR on infants, including the correct positions, techniques, and where to take the vital information. This CPR is a useful tool for any parent or caregiver with infants – younger than 1 year old.

For more information on products, visit Baby Breathing Monitor.

5 baby safety products to own

Worried parents? In today’s society, we have seen an emergence of baby safety products, to give parents a second hand and allow them to see their child grow will less anxiety and stress. Babies and kids are curious by nature and the house is full of danger for them.

Here is the top 5 baby safety products for parents to own.

BestView™ Handheld Color Video Monitor1. Baby safety monitor. Perfect for busy parents. They allow you to listen or view your baby when you are working on some house chores, cooking, or sleeping. Some higher end devices will even let you go for a little walk around the building and still give you crystal clear reception!

Evenflo SimpleEffort Plus Hands Free Electronic Gate2. Baby safety gate. They are great to keep your baby in a safe room, away from the dangers of the kitchen, or keep them in a safe area when you are ironing. Some baby safety gates can also be customized into a playground area you can set in the living room.

Evenflo Crosstown Soft Portable Travel Gate3. Baby gate for stairs. To avoid having your baby wandering up or down the stairs and to avoid unnecessary injuries!.


monitor- graco angelcare deluxe movement sensor with sound monitor4. Baby breathing monitor. Because so many parents are worried about SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). They consist of a device that monitors the movement coming either from the mattress or directly from the baby’s tummy. If the movement stops or the breathing becomes too shallow, an alarm is sent out to the parents.

outlet cover5. Outlet cover. Because babies and young toddlers like to play with everything around them, including things on the wall. To avoid your baby trying to stick in a pen or their fingers in the power outlet, an outlet cover is necessary.

This is a non-exhaustive list of baby safety products. Stay tuned to learn more about baby safety products. Julie for Baby Breathing Monitor.

BabySense 6 by HiSense – Video Demo

Watch this video and learn more about Babysense 6 by HiSense

Respisense – Video Demo

Watch this video to learn more about Respisense.