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Graco Angelcare Movement Sensor with Nursery Monitor

Graco Angelcare Movement Sensor with Nursery MonitorAngelcare Movement and Sound Monitor, Aqua/White

If you are shopping for a baby heartbeat monitor and a baby safety monitor, why not consider the Graco Angelcare baby monitor, which goes beyond the basics by combining a movement sensor with an audio monitor. Because you can’t be with your little one at all time, an audio monitor will allow you to listen from what is happening in baby’s room. If your little one is having nightmares or is unable to sleep,you will be alerted by the audio monitor, whether you are sleeping in your own bedroom or are busy doing some housechores. On addition to an audio monitor, some parents like to have a device monitoring the movements or breathing of their baby as well, for respiratory emergencies or in the case the baby would roll off the center of the crib on their tummy, which is known to increase the change of SIDS.

The Graco Angelcare baby breathing monitor consists of a sensor pad that will detect any micro-movement coming from the baby, such as the movement created by baby’s breathing.

Here are in a few words why parents love the Angelcare baby breathing monitor/audio monitor by Graco so much:

First, the versatility of this monitor from a basinet, to a portable crib or a regular crib. All you need is a hard surface to set up the device on (i.e. plywood, some parents even simply use a piece of hard cardboard). The use of a hard surface will prevent false alarms and unecessary worries. The sensors are also quite portable, and can be packed if you are going away, or are having grandma babysitting her favorite grandchild!

Second, the range of the monitor is very good and clear and the sensor is very sensitive, picking the actual movements of the baby, and not the weight. Some parents even tested the device by interchanging the baby with a small dictionnary. While the weight remained the same, the sensor picked up almost instantly the lack of “breathing”. This will give you the peace of mind you need to sleep through a good night of sleep, especially if SIDS is one of your worries.

Third, the device can be set up with different modes. You can set up your monitor so it emits an audible beep on the parent’s receiver for every movement it records, or you can simply set it up so it alarms you only when the sensor did not record any movements or the movements are too shallow for 15 seconds. The audio monitor features a light display that shows you when there is an increase in noise coming from the baby’s room. This is a good feature to have when you are vacuuming or doing house chores that may cover the sound of the audio monitor. Finally, you can make extra use of the device as your can also use the audio monitor without the movement sensor. This is particularly convenient as your child is getting older and does not risk SIDS anymore (SIDS occurs only in infants less than 1 year old). Alternatively, you can also use the movement sensor and turn off the audio monitor if you are in the same room as your child.

Last but not least, if you are worried by the chance of static interference, the monitor includes two bands you can choose from, reducing the chance of interference from other wireless devices in the house.

By using a baby breathing monitor and/or a baby safety monitor, you can monitor your child without having to peek in his or her room all the time, and accidentally waking him up in the middle of a good sleep.

For more information, visit www.baby-breathing-monitor.com.

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