Baby breathing monitors are reliable products

Baby breathing monitors are great products. They work wonderfully. I hesitated a lot before purchasing a baby breathing monitor, as many reviewers seemed to notice some false alarms. But so far, I have not had any false alarm. The product I purchased is the HiSense BabySense V. I have wished I had read about the Graco Angelcare Movement with Nursery Monitor earlier, as I would probably have bought this one because it includes a sound monitor as well. Nonetheless, I am very happy with the HiSense BabySense V I purchased so far.

The sensor pad of the baby breathing monitor has to be installed on a semi-rigid surface for the sensor to be placed on top of. Although the HiSense mentions to use a woodboard, I think that the cardboard I use is working great.

A green LED flashes anytime a motion is detected, whether it is from the baby moving or breathing. I observed it for a long time and I can tell you, the baby breathing monitor is functioning properly and is extremely sensitive. I tried to touch the sensor pad and the slightest of touches could be detected. The only time it had a false alarm, was when we removed our baby from the crib and forgot to turn the device off! The alarm does not go off immediately though. I noticed that it first does a few clicks (I believe it may be a baby wake up call) then the alarm will go off a few seconds later. It is very convenient because it gives you two or three seconds to shut off the baby breathing monitor and not alarm the whole household (including baby!).

I have read some reviews indicating that SIDS is very rare and that the whole idea of having a baby breathing monitor was unnecessary. However, I believe that if you still have some concerns, this product is great and will give you some peace of mind, and even some extra sleep (or something that resembles sleep…). Anyway, I think overall a baby breathing monitor are good to have around, because they also monitor when baby move, so if your baby had fallen of the crib (somehow) or somebody else had picken up the baby, you would know instantly (a good thing when you have many children around!).

Judy, for Baby Breathing Monitor

Baby Breathing Monitor

If you worry about everything when it comes to your baby, just like me, leaving your child out of sight, even for 5 min can be very worrisome and give you many nightmares! This is why owning a device such as a baby breathing monitor can save you lots of gray hair!

When a baby stops breathing, you only have a few minutes to save the infant. Having a baby breathing monitor can and is a big relieve. Some people think that they are far from necessary. No matter how necessary or unnecessary they are, I personally think that having a baby breathing monitor allows me to get as close a possible to a good night of sleep, something I hadn’t experienced before owning one.

Whenever I go to bed at night, I like the idea that something is giving me an extra hand on checking on my baby breathing or on his safety. A baby breathing monitor is probably the best thing I have purchased, with a baby video monitor, and as a parent, it has taken a lot of anxiety of me.

Julie Colidet for Baby Breathing Monitor