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Saving Baby’s Life…When Every Second Counts – CPR DVD

Saving Baby's Life...When Every Second CountsSaving Baby’s Life…When Every Second Counts – CPR DVD

A great learning tool and reference for all parents

Having a baby breathing monitor is not always enough. What should you do if you baby breathing monitor goes off one day and your find out that it is not a false alarm this time? For a choking baby, a baby in cardiac or respiratory emergency, every second counts.

Knowing CPR for babies is an important, if not essential, skill for parents of an infant or anybody who works with babies (for example, babysitters). If you are wanting to learn infant CPR, you should get a copy of Geraldine Hickey’s DVD, “Saving Baby’s Life”. The DVD is an adequate way to learn infant CPR. It gives simple, understandable, concise and accurate instruction on how to save a baby’s life in case of choking, respiratory problems or cardiac emergencies. The video is only 17 minutes long, but goes right to the point and clearly describe the processes of rescue breathing, CPR and removing an object stuck in the airways of an infant.

This video is suitable for new parents, but is also a good review for anybody who has taken a infant CPR in the past. Moreover, the video covers the topics of SIDS and is a valuable tool for any parent, but also other members of the family, including older siblings, grandparents or other caregivers.

“Saving Baby’s Life” should be on any baby gifts list and will allow you to learn from the comfort of your house while giving some peace of mind. The tips learned in the DVD are simply invaluable and definitely a great gift for any parents or caregiver.

In Short
” A must have DVD for all parents and caretakers …truly life saving information.” –Dr. Mary Ann Lofrumento. Pediatrician. Author “Simply Parenting” series.

This instructional DVD will teach its viewers how to perform infant CPR, how to save a choking infant, step by step. It also reviews SIDS concepts and the latest what-to-do to reduce the chances of SIDS.  This video won the 2008 National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval.

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