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HiSense BabySense V Baby Safe Infant Movement Monitor

HiSense BabySense V Baby Safe Infant Movement Monitor HiSense BabySense V Baby Safe Infant Movement Monitor

SIDS, or sudden infant death syndrome is very rare syndrome where babies up to one year of age are believed to “forget” to breathe (~5/10,000). The number of SIDS has dropped drastically since the last two decades (over 50%), thanks to research showing the importance of putting to sleep on their back and not their tummy. Unfortunately, SIDS is still linked to 2,500 infant deaths every year in the U.S. only, and thousands more in the rest of the world.

Even if the incidence of SIDS is extremely low, some parents are overworried about this syndrome. Over worried parents will be restless, checking hourly on their baby, over concerned about overheating or about the swaddle coming to close to baby’s mouth. If you have trouble sleeping at night, thinking about your newborn baby and SIDS, a baby breathing monitor is what you may need to have some peace of mind and a few hours of rest.

This is why many worried parents use the HiSense BabySense V Baby Safe Infant Movement Monitor. This baby breathing monitor is the number one choice of many parents.

This baby breathing monitor features 2 large sensor pads, therefore increasing their sensitivity. It also has a green LED that flashes to indicate that a motion was detected (such as breathing). The monitor is very sensitive, showing a response to the slightest touch to the sensor pad. When taking baby off the bassinet, don’t forget to turn off the alarm, as it will be loud enough to upset your little one. Luckily, the baby breathing monitor will emit some sharp clicks to warn you before the alarm sets off, giving you a few seconds to turn off the device.

The HiSense BabySense V is simple to set up and use. Although some parents have reported some false alarms, most parents are very happy with the use of their device, having not experience false alarms. Many parents have even reviewed the HiSsense BabySense infant movement monitor as superior to the Angelcare due to a lower frequency of false alarms.

Because the frequency of SIDS is so minimal, many parents and researchers view the use of a baby breathing monitor unnecessary. Remember that the use of baby breathing monitor can give you the extra comfort you need to sleep at night and its use can simply be a big relief in your life. It is important to remember that it will never replace parental supervision and regular check-ups on your little one.  A baby movement monitor is definitely not a device for everyone, but if your level of stress regarding SIDS is out of control, don’t hesitate to purchase this great device for some peace of mind!

It is important that, on top of using a baby breathing monitor, you also closely follow recommendations from your family doctor or qualified professionals.

What it features :

  • Green light flashes to indicate the detection of breathing and other movements
  • Red alert alarm light when there are no movements or the breathing becomes too shallow
  • Low battery indicator light
  • Suitable for infants up to age one
  • Does not come in direct contact with your baby
  • Easy One-button Activation
  • Activation button safely cover
  • ABS plastic exterior
  • Powered by 4 AA standard 1.5 V Batteries (not included)
  • 2 sensor panels that will activate the alarm if it does not sense any movements for 20 seconds or less then 10 micro-movements per minute.
  • Dimensions of the sensors panels : 268 mm x 438 mm / Control Unit 113 mm x 157 mm x 35 m

IMPORTANT : Baby breathing monitors including the HiSense BabySense V Baby Safe Infant Movement Monitor are NOT medical devices. They can help you monitor your baby, alert your, but is unable to prevent any type of distress, therefore it is your responsibility to take the actions needed. The purpose of the device is to signal you if there a stop of a slowing of movements, and can not monitor other occurrences.

For more information, visit Baby Breathing Monitor.

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