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Respisense BUZZ Infant Breathing Movement Baby Monitor

Respisense BUZZ Infant Breathing Movement Baby MonitorRespisense BUZZ First Friend Infant Breathing Movement Baby Monitor

Whether you are purchasing this baby device because of a previous visit at the emergency with your newborn bab, because your are worried about SIDS, or simply because you feel more comfortable knowing that there is something, out there, checking out on your baby when you are sleepy or busy, you will love the Respisense BUZZ. This infant breathing monitor is, unlike most other types of baby breathing monitors, clipped directly onto the waistband of baby’s diaper – most products consist of a sensor pad that goes underneath the mattress. While both technology are just as good, some parents prefer the idea of having a device sensing baby’s tummy directly. Also, there is one advantage of the Respisense BUZZ over the other baby breathing monitors : they are very portable. As a matter of fact, since you don’t need a hard and flat surface, the device can be used in other places than baby’s crib, i.e. in the car, in the living room, at the grandparents. You can simply leave the clip on device and will never have to move sensitive and delicate sensor panels around and set every up each time.

Product description
The Respisense BUZZ First Friend Infant Breathing Movement Baby Monitor is a registered device that is approved by the FDA. This device monitors any movements coming from the tummy of a baby, which include mininmal movements such as breathing efforts. If the movements ever cease, becomes too slow or too shallow, the sensor will send a signal to the built-in tactile stimulator (on the Buzz model) which will promptly “buzz” baby, acting as a “wake-up call”. In the case where the movement does not resume, the Respisense baby breathing monitor  will emit a loud alarm that will alert any nearby parent or caregiver. The Respisense is very easy to use: in simply clips onto the waistband of the baby’s diaper. It is a very quiet and unobtrusive device that will monitors, when turned on, baby’s tummy movements while asleep and will alert the nearest caregiver if there are more than 20 seconds of inactivity. The use of a Respisense BUZZ will give worried parents some relief regarding SIDS or or other conditions or emergency situations leading to a slowing of the breathing, a diminution of the breathing or total breathing stop. This device is very safe, perfectly portable, and so small it will not bother baby. Becuse it is so perfectly portable, this miniature monitor provides protection wherever baby may fall asleep, from his own crib to the car seat. The Respisense was clinically-tested Respisense is the pioneer in absolutely portable movement monitoring, and no other monitor can lay claim to its unique combination of freedom of movement, safety in design, proactive response and proven track record. Respisense can be used practically anywhere baby may fall asleep – in a cot, on a picnic blanket or in grandmother’s lap. Respisense can also easily be used in a hammock-style sleeper, where traditional monitors cannot work. It is simply the safest, most portable and convenient instrument for monitoring baby’s tummy movements and has, since 2005, proved itself in thousands of homes.

For more information about the Respisense Buzz, visit Baby Breathing monitor now.

I got this product because my brand new baby kept waking up gasping for breath (I later found out she had reflux)which would send me into a panic. After looking at other items that would go under her mattress I felt most comfortable with this because it was directly on her tummy and could go where she went i.e. car seat and swing. I have to say I love it and know for a fact that it works because twice it has gone off and I have woken up to find her not breathing. After giving her a little shake she took a breath and was ok. The only thing I didn’t like was the fact that to get a battery replacement (they say the battery lasts about a year)you have to send it to the manufacturer. After researching it more it makes sense because they replace the battery and replace the face cover therefor ensuring the warrenty stays valid. They also offer a rental program so that you aren’t without the pager. Overall I think it is a great product.